I am not ambitious, and that’s alright

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”

How often have we encountered this question during those job interviews?

And how forceful have we been in listing out our big goals, showcasing how enterprising – how ambitious, we are!

I am a corporate trainer, and my answer to that one question in the last 20 years hasn’t changed a bit.

A more experienced trainer drawing ably upon my compounded expertise”, has been my consistent response, all along.

Folks, clearly, I am not ambitious. I call myself differently ambitious!

I like my work. And I like it so much that I don’t want to run the race!

I don’t feel the need to jostle and contend for higher positions. I see my job profile as gratifying today and gratifying forever.  

Differently ambitious you see! 😊

If that resonates with you, welcome to the club.

We have all been conditioned into believing that life is nothing without big goals and that we should spend every waking hour towards completing a goal just so we can start working on our next goal right after. Talk of balance!

Being ambitious can mean different to different people.  Let’s check your disposition before anything else.

Goals for the ambitious you

  • To never be satisfied with your existing status
  • To constantly seek higher-up roles
  • To outdo the rest so you are always enthroned as the top performer

Feel free to add to the list if you are that human dynamo, highly sought after by top-notch employers!

Also, look at this-

Goals for the ‘just enough’ ambitious you

  • To not equate ambition to riches, position, and fame
  • To not create a humongous list of goals, you don’t even care about
  • To value the luxury of peace and joy over all that frenzy
  • To do what truly matters and gives fulfillment, even if that means you are branded mediocre and work-shy

No, you are not selling yourself short. And please, you are in no way stunting your career wholesomeness.

Having small goals does not imply you are directionless or incompetent! It only means that a smash-hit career just isn’t your design.

Maybe other dimensions of life simply make more sense to you. Maybe all you need is a respectable job that gives you ample scope to pursue what you truly value.

You are happy with your work, you care about doing your job faultlessly, and you merrily avail developmental opportunities.

You are that one person who looks forward to a Monday morning as much as s/he does to a Friday evening.

Doesn’t this make you truly successful? And here is your bonus- successful on your own essential terms!

Frankly, when you get right down to it, neither the ambitious nor the unambitious can be happy with roles that do not align with their innate temperament.

With that in mind, find your calling, go all out, and pursue what best suits your mould!  

Here’s a parting shot: Never let your career be the centerpiece of your identity. Remember, you are more than just your profession.

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